Christmas with Light Community Church Bali

Kuta-Bali| Pàntau Terkini | (24.12.23) Christmas Day in 2023 will also be the end of the year ahead of the new year 2024. Bali is currently receiving tourist visits that exceed predictions so that there are a lot of visitors in various exotic destinations on the Island of the Gods.

Likewise, with the celebration of Christmas which is held in various churches throughout the world, the meaning of Christmas is the Birth of Jesus Christ as Human Savior. "To know God and love others as the vision of Light Community Church Bali, we celebrate Christmas this year so that love becomes proof real life between fellow human beings, as well as a source of peace and knowing Jesus who was born on earth as the savior of us all. This Christmas is expected to be able to reduce various ongoing conflicts in other parts of the world. Hopefully we will feel the message of this Christmas with a sense of peace and mutual love. "said Koko Dave and Natalia as representatives of the Light Community Church in Bali.

Christmas carols sound loud and are accompanied by music that is typical of the end of the year Christmas celebrations throughout the world can be heard in churches everywhere today. And Bali as an island of peace and love is proven to uphold religious tolerance in all existing differences, this is the strength Bali's extraordinary attraction makes it a source of international and local tourists to visit all year round.

Various cultures and the beauty of the natural world can be preserved and make Bali an exotic and interesting destination to visit.

Just as is the case ahead of the election of people's representatives in 2024, it is hoped that we will always uphold peace and tolerance in brotherhood as fellow human beings in full compassion and love.

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